Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hello everyone!

It's been a long time since I last posted.

Well currently, on I'm a vendetta: I am unhappy at Canada Post.

First let's start of with a reading assignment:

Tbh, I haven't read the post myself, not the whole post, anyhow. Most of what it says will be about how slips, trips, blah blah can be avoided...

Well, let's talk about a little about myself.

I myself have worked for Canada Post as a postie. That's what the letter carriers are called. There's a clear difference between "mail carrier", "letter carrier", and "rover":

Mail carriers are what one would call when refering to both letter carriers and rovers.

Letter carriers are those mailmen, mailwomen, (singular: mailman, mailwoman (respectively)) that people. To help explain what I am talking about, incase it is still unclear, the letter carrier is the person who carries the mail doortodoor. Some houses have this, other do not. Being an exletter carrier, I talked to a coworker of mine and she mentioned that they now put superboxes in the newer developements. So the old houses still get mail doortodoor, but the newer ones do not.

So what is a superbox? Well, for those of you "oldies", people in the new developments have to walk out to get their mail. This is the main difference between the rover and the letter carrier: letter carriers carry your mail to you. Rovers ... well, rovers, they deliver the mail to a box, with a number of cubby holes for your coneighbors. This is the superbox.

So why am I writing this post?

Well, now, I've described the crash course to post sociology, so then why should we still have letter carriers?

So here (, we have them saying that Canada Post "... does not rely on taxpayer support.", or in other words, we don't pay Canada Post, well was this always the case?

"The Canada Post Group has been a profitable company for 13 consecutive years."Ok, so it's been profitable for 13 years, consecutive, well what about the previous years? Maybe they did something to make the corporation suddenly profitable.

The CEO Moya Greene has ambitious plans to modernize the corporation. Does this include superbox installation in the older developments?

I pay my taxes, although I don't pay Canada Post, I want to pay fewer taxes. I don't want to see these fucking posties walking around wasting money, that my government could use elsewhere. I want the corporation modernized. I want to see it modernized. But I want the posties to go!

We have so many problems with posties. Hypothermia, loose dogs, back problems, icy sidewalks, unshovled sidewalks, overflowing mailboxes.

Here's the feedback I sent to Canada Post CEO blog: ... Ok, well that didn't work (it's at the top).

I am planning to start a petition. Please comment and help me bring down the system!

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